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Hi, my name is Martha Gulati and I’d like to wish you a very warm welcome to my site. I’ll be your guru on all matters that concern your health and wellbeing.

Over the years, I’ve gained some vital insights and experience in the health and fitness industry. As a certified physiotherapist, I’ve studied multiple teachings in various areas of physical therapy. I have worked alongside some of the country’s greatest therapists and surgeons in providing patients, athletes, and the elderly with result-driven therapy.

No matter how far science advances, you still only get one body. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you take care of it, and when necessary, take action to remedy or in some cases prevent physical ailments.

I noticed that a lot of crucial health and wellness information isn’t readily available to everyone. I, therefore, decided to share my knowledge on this website. Here, you will find helpful information on remedial and preventative exercises, guidance on specific health topics, and insightful health product reviews.


No matter what you hear or see, always trust experts when it comes to the latest in healthcare products. I take great care when writing reviews and provide my readers with an objective view of products.


Whether it’s the latest fitness craze or another diet fad, I make sure that my readers are in the know when it comes to health news and events.


As an experienced physiotherapist, I have valuable knowledge of all things health-related. On my site, I provide my readers with high-quality health tips they can trust and rely on.

With this site, I aim to provide valuable insights to those who do not have access to health professionals on a daily basis. I strongly believe in the power of a healthy body and mind, and I wish to offer all my readers the necessary tools to achieve them both.

Welcome to my site. Welcome to Better Health.